6 Tips for a Water Birth

Making the decision to have a water birth is a big one to make. There are numerous factors that will need to be considered before taking the plunge. Though water birth has become very popular over the years, it’s still not for everyone.  These six tips will help to educate you and your spouse on the things that need to be considered to have a successful water birth. They will also help you decide whether or not a water birth is right for you and your family. Now, consider everything from every angle in a large decision like this, and also make sure you have all the information. Always ask your doctor for input on your decision.

1) State of Mind

As mentioned already, preparing yourself mentally for this experience is just as important as having all the right equipment. Be sure you know exactly who you’re having a water birth for and that you aren’t receiving pressure to have one over a normal birth. Always make sure you put your child’s needs before yours and that all your decision are to benefit them. 

2) Proper Prep

Preparation is crucial when it comes to your water birth. You need to make sure you think of everything from water temperature to how long you will leave your baby underwater. All this will factor in to the overall experience of your water birth. You will also need to know exactly when you need to get into the water so you do not stop your contractions due to relaxing your muscles with the warm water.

3) Sustenance

When it comes to your diet make sure you are drinking at least a half pint of water every couple hours. You should have your partner remind you. If you fail to drink enough water, you will dehydrate causing your uterus to function poorly during the birth. One last thing is to actually eat and drink easily digestible food and water during labor. Studies show that this can cut the length of labor down by 90 minutes.

4) The Perfect Pool

It is important to make sure your birthing pool is the proper depth and length for you and possibly your partner if you choose to have them in the tub with you. A water birth is all about comfort. Make sure the water is between 95 -101 degrees for maximum comfort and effectiveness. The water should also be clean possibly filtered if possible, if you can drink it, you can give birth in it.

5) Birth Positions

This is a good place to experiment with what you will be more comfortable with. Do you want your partner in the tub with you for support, or would you prefer to be in the pool alone? Try everything you can think of that might be comfortable. This will help you to get a feel with how you want to be positioned for birth.

6) Timing

While there is no set time to get in the tub to begin birth, most suggest wait until you are at least 5cm dilated. Also having to be considered would be your contractions and how strong your urge to get in the water is. Try getting in and out of the water a few times to help your contractions get stronger. Change of environment is key.

Take these tips and consider if a water birth is right for you. Always remember its whats best for you and your child.

Alison Graham just gave birth to her first child, a girl, through a water birth. She was pleased that she did, and is glad to share tips with other women who may be considering a water birth. She also encourages parents to make sure that they are making all preparations for their child, including life insurance. She recommends that they check out termlifeinsurance.org for a great deal.



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