4 Home Remedies You Can Use to Heal a Sprained Ankle

An ankle sprain is something most people will experience in their lifetime since it's a highly common injury. Even though it's considered a minor injury if you don't get it treated as soon as possible your ankles can become swollen and extremely painful. This swelling and extreme pain can lead to major joint pain in the future. Furthermore, it's critical to treat your sprained ankle quickly so you can avoid repeated ankle issues.

The foot that suffers from an ankle sprain normally rolls inward, which is known as an inversion injury. When the foot rolls to the outside it's known as an eversion injury. When the foot rolls inward it causes a low ankle sprain, while it causes a high ankle injury when the ankle rolls outward. Since it can take up to 6 months for an ankle to fully heal from a sprain it's necessary to wear ankle braces and other types of ankle support to prevent further damage to your ligaments.

What Causes Ankle Sprains

If you are playing sports you are at a very high risk of suffering from ankle sprains due to the quick movements you have to make with your feet. This is especially true if you are in a contact sport like football, basketball, or rugby. Sometimes athletes have to make a sharp cut on the field and can roll their ankle in the opposite direction their foot is going. This will cause the ankles ligaments to stretch severely and eventually tear. Check a few more of the other common causes of ankle sprains:

  • Planting Your Foot Wrongly

You don't have to be an athlete to sprain your ankle from incorrectly planting your feet. You can be doing something as simple as walking down the stairs and one awkward step will cause an ankle sprain.

  • Not Watching Where You Step

You should always be on a look out for pot holes and surfaces that are slippery. These little things may not just make you fall and look stupid, they can also cause a bad ankle sprain if you're not careful. Also watch your step when you are on surfaces that have an unorthodox shape.

How To Tell if It's an Ankle Sprain or a Fracture

You normally won't have to go to the doctor if you have an ankle sprain. However, if your ankle is fractured it is definitely a much more serious injury you should contact your about.

The way you can tell if your ankle is fractured is if you can't walk even a couple steps without experiencing extreme pain in your foot, your ankle and foot is swollen beyond normal circumstances, you lose feeling in your foot or toes, you have some swelling or pain in the upper area of the lower leg right below the knee.

Home Remedies for Ankle Sprains

The best home remedy to stop an ankle sprain is to give your ankle some rest. Resting is important because it will give your ligaments a chance to heal properly without any problems. Proper rest will include avoiding any kind of activities that will cause any kind of pain or swelling. You want to make your ankle as comfortable and as stress free as possible.

The next best thing to rest in your home treatment arsenal is ice. Ice can decrease the pain, swelling, and discomfort in your injured ligaments and muscles. As soon as you know you have an ankle sprain the first thing you should do is apply some ice to it for at least 10 minutes. Once you get home you can take an iced bath to help stop any bleeding and swelling.

As I stated earlier if you want your ankle to heal properly you need to get some support. After you have iced your ankle you should immediately wrap it with an elastic bandage. Make sure you wrap it loosely but tight enough to reduce the swelling. If you feel like the wrap is too tight just loosen it up a little bit to stop any discomfort or pain.

A great home remedy for ankle sprains is to elevate your ankle in the air on a chair and then place some ice on it. While you are in this position take some kind of homeopathic pain reliver to help stop the pain and swelling. Remain like this for 30 minutes and then remove the ice and wrap your ankle in some elastic bandage for support. Do this 2 times each day until you notice your ankle improving.

With these great home remedies you can definitely get the relief you need from an ankle sprain. Make sure you treat it right away and consult your doctor if you feel your ankle has been fractured.

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