Facts About Laser Hair Removal

Are you bored of shaving, waxing, threading or using depilatory creams and considering laser hair removal? Below are some facts and things to consider if you are thinking about laser treatment to remove your unwanted hair.

1. Laser hair removal is not suitable for everyone. People that can be most successfully treated by laser have fair skin and dark hair, blondes, red heads and patients of Asian descent can also experience good results from laser treatment. Anyone considering this treatment especially those with very dark skin should find a reputable, established clinic that gives free consultations to ensure clients will not suffer burning or any other adverse effects. This is because the laser targets melanin found in both hair and skin, very light hair contains very little melanin and very dark skin contains a lot of it. If you go to a shady or inexperienced practitioner with out of date equipment you can suffer burns.

2. People with grey or white hair cannot be treated by laser; this is because grey and white hairs contain no melanin.

3. It can be permanent, it is not guaranteed that you will never have to shave or wax again but many patients experience long lasting, often permanent hair removal with after laser treatment.

4. It takes more than just one session; you cannot have one laser session and expect to never see another hair on the treated area again. The laser targets only hairs that are actively growing this means you will need multiple treatments, 6 or more sessions are usually necessary to treat your hair at other stages of growth.

5. It doesn't have to hurt, different clinics have different lasers. If your clinic has a general purpose laser it can be quite an uncomfortable or even painful sensation, it will feel as though someone is flicking you with an elastic band. If you choose a clinic that has specialist tools for the job the pain should be minimal or possibly painless, certainly better than waxing.
6. It can save you money in the long-run; in the long term laser treatment can be more cost effective than waxing or shaving, imagine all the time you will save too.

7. It can give you smoother skin, some clinics use lasers that stimulate collagen production. This helps to “plump out” your skin and can make your skin smoother.

8. It can help treat acne, if you suffer from acne this kind of hair removal treatment may be able to help. This is because acne pustules are caused by bacteria, this acne causing bacteria lives in hair follicles.

9. Laser can be used all over the body including on the face.

10. For a short time after treatment skin in the treated area may appear red and or bumpy, this usually goes in an hour or two.

I hope this answers any question you may have had, If you are considering this kind of treatment it is essential you choose the right clinic and make sure they offer a free patch test, a patch test involves treating a small area first this will ensure you are a suitable candidate.

This guest post was supplied by Pulse Light Clinic, they are London based laser hair removal specialists with state of the art equipment and they employ very experienced technicians.



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