How to Prepare for HIFU Prostate Treatment

In the past prostate cancer treatment mainly consisted of invasive surgeries or radioactive treatments. Both of these treatments often left a person tired, in pain, and feeling unwell. Additionally, these treatments often took months to recover from leaving a person unable to return to their normal day-to-day activities right away. Today, patients have more options available to them. Treatments such as the HIFU Sonablate 500 are noninvasive and do not utilize radiation. This means that a person who undergoes this new treatment will not be left feeling as weak and tired as those who have undergone more traditional routes of treatment. 

CMUA HIFU Center in Maryland treats patients with prostate cancer who would like to take advantage of these new technologies. CMUA uses HIFU Sonablate 500 technologies on all their patients because it is a safer and faster than both traditional surgery and other forms of HIFU.

If you have prostate cancer and have decided on HIFU treatment after discussing it with your physicians then you will need to know how to prepare for the treatment plan both physically and emotionally. Since the treatment is noninvasive the risks of side effects are lower than they are with radiation and surgery. 

However, it is still important to prepare for HIFU as you would any other medical treatment. You should discuss your personal preparation and treatment plans with your physician because they may recommend a different plan tailored to your exact situation. However, the tips below will give you a general idea of how best to prepare for your HIFU treatment before and during the procedure.

1. Some physicians give their patients an enema to take before the procedure to help empty their bowels. If you have never had to administer an enema before your doctor will give you tips on how to make the situation less uncomfortable for you.

2. Most HIFU treatments will require general anesthesia so your physician may ask you not to eat or drink anything the day of the procedure.

3. You will be given a loose robe to wear during the procedure so it is important to wear loose and comfortable clothing beforehand so that you can easily change into and out of your hospital robe.

4. Try to refrain from wearing heavily perfumed lotions and other body care products. Additionally, you should ask your physician whether they would prefer you to wear items such as compression stockings to lessen the chances of blood clots forming.

5. If you are nervous about the procedure it will help to talk to your physician beforehand. They can explain the procedure in detail so that you are not surprised once you arrive at the clinic. The procedure itself is quick and easy with minimal discomfort. However, if you are feeling worried about it you should talk to your doctor and let them know your anxieties.

6. If you are still feeling some trepidation over your procedure after talking with your doctor try talking with your friends and family about the procedure, how you feel, and what you are being told to expect. Additionally, you can talk to other men who have elected to have the procedure done and ask them about their personal experience.

While HIFU is a much less invasive procedure than surgery there are still minor risks associated with it that can make some people feel nervous. It is important to remember the reason why you have chosen to have the procedure done and how much safer it is when compared to alternative procedures. Keep these things in mind and prepare yourself as much as possible before your procedure so that it goes smoothly and you recover more quickly.

This guest blog provided by Dr. Kevin Blumenthal. Dr. Blumenthal is one of the preeminent HIFU surgeons in the United States. To find out more, visit www.marylandprostatecancercenter.com.



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