Finding Help To Work Through Suicidal Thoughts Through Counseling

When it comes to young people between the ages of 15 and 24, suicide ranks high as a leading cause of death. However, suicide does not only affect the young people, especially in our society where individuals are so stressed and overwhelmed. Most people that commit suicide do exhibit signs that close loved ones do not always recognize. An attempted suicide is definitely a “cry for help” until the person feels at a loss. Women are not as likely to commit suicide compared to men and they usually choose a violent method that can include drugs or poison and more. Knowing all the signs and symptoms, it is possible to help someone with suicidal thoughts.

What Causes Suicidal Thoughts?

There are various factors in life that causes a person to go to the extreme with suicidal thoughts. Everyone can go through difficulties and experience extreme stress. When it seems that life is continually going down a dark path, some people can handle it while others feel hopeless and helpless. Some situations that may overtake a person’s life and emotional feelings include the loss of a loved one, breaking up with someone, a major move, problems in school, bullying, feelings of self-worth, substance abuse and more. The suicidal person may be oblivious to realize they need help and it is those closest to them that should intervene to hopefully save that life.

Who Should Seek Suicidal Counseling?

Anyone who witnesses a possible suicidal person should intervene to encourage the troubled individual that help is needed and available. Whether you are a close personal friend, teacher, co-worker, spouse or other loved one, speak with the person you are concerned about and those closest and responsible, such as mom and dad. Counseling is not just for the person without the will to live but those who love, support and care for him/her. In fact, this person needs a strong support group of peers and loved ones in order to feel better about him or herself and gain strength to follow through with counseling and possibly other medical measures in order to get and feel better.

How to Find Counseling for Suicide?

If you indeed feel hopeless and helpless, wanting to get help and counseling on your own, there are many resources to find reputable therapists and groups. If you have a personal doctor, he may be able to provide you with information on local therapists. Other resources may include the nearby hospitals, medical centers, medical schools and clinics. On your own, you can also search on the internet and make phone calls in order to find someone that you will feel comfortable with in helping you to heal your mental state and bring out a new inner self-confidence. Referrals from friends, teachers and loved ones can also help in locating a good counseling service for suicide.

Why Seek Counseling For Suicide?

Counseling when burdened with the thoughts of suicide can benefit by working through some serious emotional concerns and problems. Through therapy and counseling, you can learn some coping skills when you feel the world is against you. You can work through all of your issues so that you can learn to be in control, handle situations in a calm manner and help you to build up your own self-worth. The focus of most counseling services is to work on the general and evolving mental health concerns. Those closest to the suicidal individual can also gain some insight on how to help with the care. Chronic cases need more than just counseling and would be recommended to therapeutic and medical treatment.
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This article was posted by Jennifer Williams, who is involved in many community awareness programs. She recommends people get help from psychotherapy Toronto and other methods. In her area, she recommends the York Region Psychological Services.



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