Is HGH the Answer to a Better Physique?

As you might have noticed, Human Growth Hormone (or HGH) supplements have taken the fitness and diet market by storm in recent years, but is it safe? 

It's a contentious issue - many argue that the benefits far outweigh the negatives and that you'd be a fool not to give it a go. 

Opponents have argued that such supplements are playing with fire and risking your long term health. But what's the truth?

Human Growth Hormone Naturally Occurs in Your Body

Firstly, although the name might suggest otherwise - HGH is a naturally occurring hormone in your body. Everybody has it. Specifically, natural HGH is produced in the pituitary gland in the human brain. Although supplements might raise your HGH levels, it isn't a foreign substance. It's something your body is used to having. That doesn't mean that artificially higher levels can't be dangerous, but many people suffer from a deficiency that they believe needs boosting.

What does Human Growth Hormone Do?

It's well known that HGH plays an crucial role in determining someone's height. That's why doctors across the world prescribe it to patients who are "challenged" in that area. But the benefits of higher HGH levels do not stop there. It's been clinically proven to reduce muscle wasting in those suffering from AIDS.

These factors alone don't explain the massive growth of HGH sales in recent years. The real boom in HGH popularity is down to this - many believe that it plays an important role in slowing the ageing process and keeping you "young". This hasn't been clinically proven. That's not to say the claims are false, but the evidence so far has been inconclusive. Even so, it's enough of an upside that many people are clamouring to give it a go.

The list of benefits doesn't stop there. Some are hailing HGH supplements as a wonder-drug, responsible for dramatically improving health, fitness and appearance on a number of levels. Some of these benefits are far from proven, but they are attractive to potential users nonetheless.

Here are some other reported benefits from increased HGH levels:

Tissue repair and muscle growth - HGH levels are said to be vital when providing efficient repair and growth in the body. This is why HGH has become so popular in the weight-lifting fraternity.

Healing - There are claims that higher HGH levels will help your body heal better. This compliments muscle growth by making it a very attractive proposition for weight-lifters and bodybuilders.

Weight loss - Some even claim that HGH supplements can help you lose weight - without any dietary requirements!

There are numerous other attributed positive benefits from taking HGH supplements. These include improving energy levels and brain function, along with increasing muscle strength and metabolism. The benefits almost read like those of a wonder-drug.

Is it Safe?

Obviously, as it's a naturally occurring hormone, HGH is considered safe. But that's at natural levels. The real question is this: Is taking HGH safe? And that's the most contentious issue in all of this. Many believe it is, whilst others argue the opposite.

As doctors prescribe supplements to certain individuals, the benefits in such situations must be seen to outweigh negatives. However, that's in carefully selected patients who are given a controlled amount under very strict circumstances. The boom in online sales of HGH has meant that unqualified people across the planet have been dosing themselves - with mixed results. The risks are obviously greater when taken at higher levels or when used without medical supervision. Since HGH boosts are normally prescribed to those who have a natural deficiency in the hormone, someone with naturally normal levels is taking a big risk when trying to increase them further.

Side Effects

Some of the side effects attributed to taking HGH hormones can be quite off-putting. You might still think that the benefits outweigh the potential risks, but you should be aware what some of them are.

Acromegaly - This is the most common side effect of increased HGH. And it's not a nice one. Acromegaly is a medical condition that causes growth in facial bone and tissue, along with feet and hands. This can make your facial features look out of proportion. It also makes you really hairy (all over your body). Lastly, it can actually lead to premature death in some instances.

Irreversible heart enlargement - This might be seen as a benefit to some, especially those wanting to improve their endurance sport capacities.

Low blood-sugar levels.

Excessive water retention.

Muscle and joint pain.

And there are loads more. The list isn't a good read.

Is it Legal?

The legal status of HGH supplements vary from country to country. It is legally prescribed by doctors in many places, but what does this mean for those looking to increase their levels personally? In America, the USFDA has established a maximum "safe" level of HGH that can be sold legally without the need for a prescription.

Should I Take it?

You might have noticed that some of the negative points directly counteract some of the positives, why is this? Well, put simply, there are two quite vocal camps on both sides of the argument. Those arguing for the use of HGH supplements, and those arguing against. So who do you believe? That's a hard question to answer. There have been numerous positive examples of successful HGH users, with great results. But there have also been deaths attributed to excessive HGH use, and other adverse consequences.

You should really check with a doctor first. After all, they have years of experience in safely prescribing HGH. For those wanting to give it a try without consulting medical advice - It's not recommended. The best advice is to be careful. You should research each potential supplement thoroughly before giving it a go - and find the one that you feel comfortable with. You might think that the potential benefits outweigh the risks. So, in conclusion the truth is still disputed and unclear. The growth in HGH sales looks set to continue.

HGH supplements have taken the diet and fitness industry by storm, but they remain a contentious issue. With many vocal opinions on both sides of the argument, what is the truth about Human Growth Hormone?



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